Acknowledgement of Country
As a sign of respect to the traditional owners of this land, more and more speakers at public events are opening their addresses with an “Acknowledgement of Country”. The ASG have produced a bookmark outlining the protocol for Acknowledging Country. Please click here for details.

Ask First: A Guide to Respecting Indigenous Heritage Places and Values
Ask First: A guide to respecting Indigenous heritage places and values, Australian Heritage Commission, 2002 (now the Australian Heritage Council).

Protocols for Consultation and Negotiation with Aboriginal People
Jackie Huggins, Protocols for Consultation and Negotiation with Aboriginal People, Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Development, 1999.

Respect, Acknowledge, Listen: Practical Protocols for Working with Indigenous Communities
Angelina Hurley, Respect, Acknowledge, Listen: Practical Protocols for Working with the Indigenous Communities of Western Sydney, Community Cultural Development NSW, 2003. This document provides information about working with the Aboriginal communities of Western Sydney, but also has broader relevance. The guide provides a listing of other protocol resource documents, including guidelines for ethical research, copyright and intellectual property rights, writing about Indigenous Australia, arts protocols, respecting culture, etc.

New South Wales Reconciliation Council Inc
This webpage includes protocol guidelines useful for community groups, local councils and schools to help build effective partnerships with Indigenous groups and to ensure Indigenous involvement in their activities.

ABC Message Stick: Cultural Protocol
The ABC Indigenous Programs Unit developed these protocols to assist media outlets, journalists, and filmmakers to understand the importance of abiding by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols. The ABC guidelines outline strong principles of respect, Indigenous control, as well as communication and consent. Particularly helpful are sections focusing on copyright and image permissions, as well as the provision of further resources. Found on the Message Stick website, the Protocols can be downloaded in PDF format.

City of Sydney: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols
The City of Sydney is home to a culturally diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and in 2005 established a set of protocols for working with these groups. The protocols give an overview of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community history in the city, and specific ways to show respect for traditional custodians, observe significant ceremonies and dates, fly Indigenous flags, and work in consultation with Indigenous community. The protocols give helpful cultural and heritage guidelines in terms of media permissions, publications, signage, copyright and intellectual property, naming the deceased, etc. A copy of the protocols can be downloaded as a PDF document.