ln order that people in attendance at this meeting can feel confident and safe in the knowledge that they can attend and participate in the meeting without being abused, harassed or attacked, the following rules shall apply to ALL whom attend the meeting:

  1. Everyone attending the meeting has the right to be respected and treated in a culturally appropriate manner;
  2. When someone else is talking show respect by listening – do not interrupt or talk over them;
  3. Understand that other people may have different thoughts and ideas which should be respected;
  4. Nobody at the meeting should be subjected to any form of verbal of physical abuse or harassment;
  5. There shall be no bad or offensive language, personal attacks or threatening behaviou r towards anyone;
  6. Everyone is entitled to participate in the meeting. Nobody has the right to dominate the meeting;
  7. ln order to get through the Agenda, the Chairman may impose limitations upon the amount and number of times that a person may speak on a topic.
  8. People affected by alcohol or other substances will be asked to leave;
  9. People who continually interrupt the meeting may be asked to leave;
  10. Anyone not following the meeting rules may be asked to leave the meeting;
  11. Anyone refusing to Ieave the meeting when asked to do so should be aware that the police or security may be called.