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Sorry Day 2021

June 3rd, 2021|

Brief summary of the talk from Sorry Day 2021 Why is it Sorry Day What if I were to tell you, you will never see your children again--- They have all been taken away to assimilate them in to a different culture. A parent should be able to kiss their child good night and see them advance in life. Imagine if you were not allowed to enjoy the same rights as other Australian citizens. You were not allowed to move freely around your town, city or state without permission from the government? 6 months Gaol if failed. Not allowed to own your own home - buy land - run a business - marry the person you loved because you were a different colour. And all the time the Government with their “Forced Removal Polices” taking the children away. Remember – The removal of children had been going on for over 150 years. 5 - 6 generations Not till 1967 - Aboriginal People were not mentioned in the Australian Constitution. Interesting in 2021 the Aboriginal Heritage Act is still within the National Parks Act. [...]

Sorry Day Event 2021

April 27th, 2021|

Let’s come together for a day of healing and reconciliation to honour the Stolen Generation The Native Hibiscus was adopted because it is found widely across Australia and it is a survivor. Its colour denotes compassion and spiritual healing. Location: Mona Vale Memorial Hall 1 Park Street Mona Vale. Time: 30th May 2021 3.00pm-5.30pm The afternoon will include Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies, dance performances by the Biala girls and weaving workshop, display of Aboriginal artifacts, Didgeridoo playing, local Aboriginal girls singing, (not to be missed) While the children can paint their own Boomerang and shields. A shared experience with a talk “Why is it Sorry Day!”. A reading from Aunties Nancy’s book of poems. BBQ and afternoon tea. Please come and join us. ASG thank the Northern Beaches Council for their sponsorship. Together we can make difference.

Marshall over-ruled advice about drilling at Aboriginal heritage site

April 14th, 2021|

Premier and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Steven Marshall was warned by his department not to allow a mineral exploration company to drill at a “pivotal” Aboriginal heritage site as it would damage the area and cause “hurt, sorrow and sickness” to Traditional Owners – but he allowed the work to proceed. Marshall in January signed off on a proposal put forward by mineral exploration company Kelaray to drill up to 1230 holes at Lake Torrens in search of iron-oxide-copper-gold. The lake is Australia’s second largest salt lake and plays a significant role in Adnyamathanha, Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara, Arabana, Barngarla, Kokatha and Kuyani beliefs and songlines. It is not protected under native title law, but the site is listed as an Aboriginal heritage place, with the government warning that ancestral remains are likely to be buried around the lake’s perimeter and islands. Marshall, who is responsible for the protection and preservation of Aboriginal sites, has repeatedly defended his decision to approve drilling at Lake Torrens, saying Kelaray must abide by “strict conditions”. But his own department warned against granting authorisation, with a document obtained by SA Native [...]

It was our economy, now we are dirt poor’: First Nations people dispossessed of water

March 27th, 2021|

‘It was our economy, now we are dirt poor’: First Nations people dispossessed of water First Nations people say they are continuing to be dispossessed of their rights and their economy after a study of Indigenous water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin found they share less than 1 per cent of the market. Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute compiled for the first time the volume and value of water rights owned by First Nations groups in the basin, which spans Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia. The report, commissioned by the Commonwealth’s Murray Darling Basin Authority, found about 44 First Nations groups share in 0.12 per cent of the market worth $16 billion. Their 64 entitlements give rights to a cumulative annual water take of 13 gigalitres, worth $15 million. Tatti Tatti man Brendan Kennedy, from the Murray River in western Victoria, says First Nations people had been systematically locked out from the allocation of water rights and need more to use for environmental, cultural and economic purposes. “Prior to invasion our people owned and managed 100 per cent of the water in [...]

Stan Grant calls out Australia for double standards on Q+A during discussion on sexual assault and the government

March 27th, 2021|

Stan Grant calls out Australia for double standards on Q+A during discussion on sexual assault and the government   Stan Grant called out Australia for only caring about sexual assault once it happened in Australia's middle class. ABC journalist Stan Grant has used an appearance on Q+A to call out Australia for only taking notice of sexual assaults when they happen to "middle class" white women. Allegations of sexual assaults, misogyny and inappropriate behaviour in political circles have dominated the news for weeks. But while Grant said those issues deserved national attention, he said the complaints of Indigenous women about the same issues had been ignored for too long. "As necessary and as urgent and as righteous as these claims are, and this movement is, there have been so many women's voices who have not been listened to for a long time," Grant said. "And ... when it becomes a white middle-class issue, when it is in private schools, when it is in Parliament House, when it is in the press gallery, we take notice. "But when Aboriginal women who have been suffering domestic [...]

Aboriginal women have fought against gendered violence perpetrated by white men since day one

March 26th, 2021|

“In the past week, three Aboriginal people have died in police custody. How many of you know that it’s thirty years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and in that time, there have been over 455 deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.” Sue-Anne Hunter shares her powerful speech, spoken from her ancestral lands at the March For Justice in Narrm, on Monday 15 March 2021. Aboriginal women have been resisting white male violence since 26th Jan 1788.  Patriarchy and the violence that goes hand in hand with it came to these to shores on a ship. Let me tell the story of Cammeraygal woman Barangaroo.  A leader and cultural authority and holder of Cammeraygal lore, she was the fourth wife of Bennelong. When a white woman stole fishing gear from her clan, Barangaroo physically intervened to stop her from being flogged in the white settlement. Barangaroo was the one to stand up against Governor Arthur Phillip. She refused to dress in western clothes; she refused to speak in English. In defiance of Governor Phillip, she broke her spears, and [...]

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