The name of the Association shall be the Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater. (ASGMWP)
The aims and objectives of the Association are to:
(a) Work particularly in the local area seeking to improve the way people understand and relate to Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people
(b) Commit to supporting Indigenous people in their struggle for justice.
(c) Assist in educating the Community in social justice for Indigenous Australians.
(d) Assist and encourage the advancement of Aboriginal education to the local and greater community.
Supporter are those who wish to join the association and support the ASG in its objectives.
ASSOCIATION RULES apply to above.
3.1 Who is eligible?
Supporter – no age limit.
3.2 How to become a Supporter.
a. Person who Completes theApplication Form. The form can be found at asgmwp.net or in the Elimatta.
b. Pay the current annual Supporters Donation.
The person’s name, address, email address, phone number and date they become a supporter is put on the ASGMWP
Supporters Register Form.
3.3 Supporters rights
a. A Supporter:
· Can attend, speak and vote at business meetings
· Can put forward resolutions at business meetings
b. All supporters welcome to information nights
3.4 Supporter responsibilities
· Must let the association know if they change their address or email address etc.
· Must treats other supporters with respect.
3.5 How to stop being a Supporter
A person stops being a supporter if:
· They die
. A supporter requests to be taken off the register.
The supporter’s details and date that they stopped being a supporter is put on the Register of Former Supporter.
3.6 Cancelling Supporter
A Supporter is automatically cancelled if the supporter cannot be contacted for one year.
3.7 Aboriginal and Organisations
. All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Organisations i.e. Aboriginal, Government, Schools, Reconciliation groups
etc are entitled to become Supporters for free. (3.2a form must be completed)

4.1 Powers of the committee.
a. Is to control and manage the affairs of the association
b. Has power to perform all the acts and do all things that appear to the committee to be necessary .
c. Are required by this constitution to be exercised by a general meeting of supporters of the association and are desirable
for the proper management of the affairs of the association.
4.2 The committee is to consist of:
a. the office-bearers of the association, and at least 3 ordinary committee members
b. the total number of committee members is to be 7.
4.3 The office-bearers of the association are as follows:
a. the chairperson
b. the vice-chairperson
c. the treasurer,
d. the secretary.
4.4 Election of committee members
a. A person nominated as a candidate for election as an office-bearer must be nominated and voted in at a committee meeting
with a majority of votes, or as an ordinary committee member of the association must be a Supporter of the association.
a. There is no maximum number of consecutive terms for which a committee member may hold office.
5.1 Business Meetings
Business Meetings for planning and group business must be held at least 3 times a year.
5.2 Quorum at all meetings
The quorum must be present during the whole meeting. The number of committee member to constitute a quorum is 2% of
the committee member or 3 persons.
5.3 Voting
EachFinancial supporter in attendance has one vote.
5.4 General Meetings
General Meetings “Information Nights” are held on a regular basis.
5.5 Information Nights
. All Information nights are to be of “Aboriginal Content” and where possible to be conducted by Aboriginal or Torres Strait
Islander people.
. The public are welcome to all Information Nights.
6.1 The ASGMWP must keep the
. Register of supporters and former supporters
. The Rules of the association.
. Financial records (including documents needed to explain why payments are made for example, invoices and payment
. Minutes of business meetings (in writing or as an audio or video recording)
6.2 These documents must be kept digitally at the ASGMWP’s official address.
7.1 All money of the ASGMWP must be deposited into the ASGMWP’s bank account.
. Money receives from annual Donation Fee, must be give a receipt for all moneys to ASGMWP
7.2All cheques, withdrawal forms and other banking documents must be signed by at least two committee members registered
at the ASGMWP designated Bank
7.3 Annual surplus money to be distributed as directed by members of the committee but not to any of the committee member
7.4 ASGMWP financial year end is 30 June.
8.0 Maintain a Post Office Box.
Please note: These rules are set down for the effective operation of the ASG. If a decision cannot be reached, then the model
rules will be applied.