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Your invited to come and listen to Associate Professor Dr Scott Avery

Monday 13th November 2023

Hearing the TRUTH is not difficult!

Dr Scott Avery is from the Worimi people, is profoundly deaf and now uses a cochlear implant.

• He is an educator, researcher and rights advocate form the First Nations disability community,
• He is a research partner of First Peoples Disability Network,
• He has led research programs to elevate the voice of First Nations people with disability in First Nations and disability policy,
• His book Culture is Inclusion: A narrative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with disability, which tells the story of the experiences of First Nations people with disability has become a foundational resource for intersectional approaches to disability research and policy.

Dr Scott (as he is known in his community and referred to by his students) has extensive experience in community-based research with First Nations people both in Australia and internationally. His teaching and research has been applied within Australian National policy including Australia’s Disability Strategy and Closing the Gap. He has spoken at the United Nations on behalf of First Nations disability community and
has been appointed as an expert advisor to numerous Government bodies including the Disability Royal Commission, Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Disability Research Partnership National Disability Data Asset, and the Research Committee of the Lowitja Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research. He also serves as a Director for Achieve Australia, a large Australian disability services provider, and is an Ambassador for International Day of People with Disability 2023.

Issues Scott is most passionate about and why?
I become agitated when I see injustice, particularly when it’s based on prejudice or ignorance. I see a moral imperative not just to do something personally, but to encourage others to learn more about what is going on and to share that message.
When unnecessary suffering is caused by people being denied the health care they desperately need, or when people are wrongly placed in institutions or prisons when they just shouldn’t be there – that makes me passionate too.

All Welcome