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2018 Spring Elimatta

Elimatta is the quarterly magazine produced by the ASG.

Elimatta 2018 Spring Elimatta 2018 Spring

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Meet the Author: Paul Irish



Contrary to what you may think, local Aboriginal people did not lose their culture and die out within decades of Governor Phillip's arrival in Sydney in 1788.

HIDDEN in PLAIN VIEW shows that Aboriginal people did not disappear.

This original and important book tells this powerful story through individuals, and brings a poorly understood period of Sydney's shared history back into view.

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When: Monday 10th September at 7.30pm

Where: Mona Vale Memorial Hall, 1606 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale

Meet the Author: Stephen Gapps

The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony 1788 – 1817


The Sydney Wars tells the history of military engagements between Europeans and Aboriginal Australians – ‘this constant sort of war’ as described by one early colonist – around the greater Sydney region.

This provocative book is the first detailed account of the warfare that occurred across the Sydney region from the arrival of a British expedition in 1788 to the last recorded conflict in the area in 1817.

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When: Thursday 23rd August

Where: Hornsby Library, 28-44 George Street, Hornsby

Bookings essential. Event cost: $5.00 includes light refreshments.

Phone: (02) 9847 6614 Email:

Website: Hornsby Library (

What was the Uluru Summit all about?

A presentation by Dean Parkin


Constitutional Reform and specifically about the intensive regional dialogue leading up to and including the Uluru Summit. Dean is part of Noel Pearson’s Empowered Communities, and a youth delegate to the Uluru Summit held in May last year. There will be a Q and A section for audience participation at the end.

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When: Monday 12th March at 7.30pm

Where: Mona Vale Memorial Hall, 1606 Pittwater Rd, Mona Vale