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Here’s a date that Governor Phillip and Bennelong might call Australia Day

January 25th, 2020|

At the centenary conference of the National Party at Inverell last year, a motion was put calling  for the retention of Australia Day on January 26. It was carried. I had worked for two decades, on an off, for moderate and conservative Liberals, for one Nationals minister and the leader of the LNP in Queensland. And I was aghast. […]

Recollections Of Brewarrina Aboriginal ‘Mission’ In 1954

May 11th, 2016|

RECOLLECTIONS OF BREWARRINA ABORIGINAL ‘MISSION’ IN 1954 Dr Ruth A. Fink Latukefu Acknowledgments I want to pay my respects to the memory of everyone I knew at the Mission in 1954, many of whom have since passed away. Also to acknowledge the original owners of country in Brewarrina as well as all those families who were later sent there, often against their wishes. […]

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