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In the past, the homepage has highlighted a number of documents we think would be interesting and useful to our members and guests. These items have now been moved to this new section called ‘Archives’. See below for information and links:

  • On Monday 9 November, 2009, Jeff McMullen was our guest speaker, reporting on the Current State of Affairs in Aboriginal Australia. Jeff delivered an extremely interesting and inspiring talk about the positive programs that have been implemented to help the disadvantaged Aboriginal men, women and children of Australia. Jeff mentioned Ian Thorpe's speech 'Australia's dirty little secret' that he made in London at the Beyond Sport conference this year, to see a copy of it please visit the National Indigenous Times website
  • SORRY. The Prime Minister has finally apologised to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Parliament of Australia, 13th February 2008.
    To read the full version of the Prime Minister's Apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples, please click here to read Kevin Rudd's sorry speech.
  • For your interest, we have provided a few articles published about the response to the election of the Labour Government and Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. We have also kept some older articles about the previous Government's declared "national emergency" in Aboriginal communities. Please see our Articles page for more.
  • On March 5th Gary Highland of ANTaR presented our group with his talk about the Aboriginal Health crisis, These Are The Killing Times, to see a copy simply click here Policy Panic Is No Solution.
  • Read Gillian Cowlishaw's Australian Financial Review article from Friday, 7 July 2006. Gillian says, “a new cycle of bullying won't heal old wounds in Aboriginal communities.” Click here to see the PDF file (698 KB).
  •  Reconciliation - Why Should I Care? Robin Grille kindly gave us permission to publish his excellent article full of answers to some common questions. A ‘must read’ for all Australians! Click here to see the article.
  • Peter Garrett, MP delivered a poignant speech at First Fleet Park for Sorry Day 2006. Click here to see for yourself (PDF 53KB).
  • Read the full text of Fr Frank Brennan’s Seventh Manning Clark Lecture, presented at the National Library of Australia in March 2006. Fr Brennan is a leading advocate of Aboriginal Land Rights and Reconciliation. In his talk, ‘5 R's for the Enlargers: Race, Religion, Respect, Rights and the Republic,’ he told how he originally became involved in being an advocate for Aboriginal Rights. If you would like to read the full text of this talk please click here.

The following Elimatta newsletters are available upon request:

  • Autumn 2003 (PDF Format, 242KB)